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Compare & Save Gold Membership Upgrade benefits…

All gold members will get issued a cellphone Help button on their cell….any of the issues below you press Help and we call you back immediately…




Get me a lawyer…..Now!
In the event that you are

  • Caught for excessive speeding
  • Had a few too many drinks whilst driving and get breathalyzed
  • Make a driving error that causes an accident on the road resulting in death or serious injury to a 3rd party
  • Or any reason at all that means you might be on your way to a police cell for the night...

Compare and Save Gold members will have access to a call out lawyer 24/7 365 days a year completely free of charge

  • Press your Help button…
  • Explain the problem to our call center lawyer.
  • If we cannot resolve the issue over the phone, we will dispatch our local call out lawyer directly to you. We have a network of criminal lawyers across SA that can be with you within 45 to 60 minutes….whatever police station you are at in SA!
  • Don't spend a night in jail…….it's not nice!!



Get me a Security Guard…Now!

Imagine you break down somewhere, your roadside assistance will take upto 75 minutes to get to you and you feel unsafe…….

  • Press your Help button……..we call you straight back
  • We will establish your exact location, using the latest cell phone tracking technology.
  • We send an armed security guard to you within 15-25 minutes to keep you safe until further help arrives.

… This benefit is completely free to Compare and Save Gold members. We have a rapid response armed security network covering 50 of SA's largest towns and cities available 24/7 for rapid response call outs to our stranded members.



Get me an Insurance lawyer...

Trying to claim from your insurance but they wont pay out or want to pay you less than they should?
We have a Specialized Insurance Legal Team to advise all our gold members on what to do if they are not happy with a claim outcome.

This includes

  • Speaking directly with the member's insurance company and sending emails and letters to the insurance company on behalf of the Compare & Save member
  • Assisting you to resolve the dispute.
  • Don't be ripped off… .fight for your rights!

Where is my child?

Ever wondered where your child is?.......Late back from a day out with friends or from school?

Simply press Help button and we will tell you where they are to within 200m anywhere in SA using the latest cellphone tracking system. This service is available for all your children under the age of 18 at no cost to you and we are available to you 24/7. You are just a call away from putting your mind at ease…


Peace of mind, great value for money and security to all Compare and Save members!!!!

R99 p/month per main member
and just R20 p/month per family member added.

These benefits are UNIQUE to C&S and we hope shows our commitment to our members safety and well being. Terms and conditions apply* The Gold membership will be active from the 1st of June 2012.

If you are shopping around to cut your monthly costs on car or house insurance, then look not further than compare & save.

Based on your requirements we can search many INSURANCE companies in SA to find, compare and introduce you to the cheapest Insurance products. Our HIGHLY TRAINED call centre agents will collate your insurance details and then search, find, compare and save you some cash. We will then arrange for the Insurer to call you DIRECT and finalise your quote.


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