Stop the emergency from becoming a nightmare Keeping South Africa safe with our 24/7 Emergency Crisis Centre

Do you worry about the safety of your family when you have to travel for work?

Do you worry about the security of your kids when they’re not with you?

Do you feel unsafe when you have to walk to your car alone and night?

On a night out on the town, how often do you feel uneasy or unsafe?

In an emergency, can you afford to wait on hold before the right person answers your call?

Imagine if one simple press of a button could save your life!

What if you and every member of your family had a panic button right on your phone?

What would that peace of mind mean to you?

What would that security mean to them?

HelpMe’ 24/7 emergency crisis centre is your protection in times of need! With just the push of a button on your cell (no more panicking trying to remember emergency numbers) – you’ll get straight through to us. Simple, convenient and time-saving in life-threatening situations. We have direct lines to all the major response services, such as roadside assistance and security or emergency management services and will get help to you in no time. Not to mention, our experienced and trained consultants will go above and beyond to help guide and comfort you during your ordeal.

We are your all-in-one emergency response partner, you never have to worry again. We’ve got you covered!

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