Short term insurance & Vehicle Tracking that you DON’T MIND paying for!

At Compare and Save, we have partnered with 16 of SA’s best priced big brand insurers to ensure we have the very best chance of finding you a better premium!

Affordable Cover The Reality:

  • 70% of South Africans have been with their insurer for over 3 years
  • Every year our cars’ value drops, yet our premiums go up. Why?
  • Using the latest technology, we can provide you with 16 quotes in less than 10 minutes, which means we can find up to 7 out of 10 clients a better deal! Why not you?
  • On average we save our clients between R2000 and R8000 per year……
  • Our success is your guarantee of quality

Vehicle Tracking Systems The Truth:

  • Vehicle tracking technology is advancing fast!
  • If your current system is over 3 years old you are free to upgrade to a newer and lower cost model.
  • Does your current tracking device allow you to view your cars location via your cell phone?
  • Does your current tracking device tell you when your car is being stolen?
  • Did you know that if you don’t have a device, fitting one will reduce your insurance premium!?
  • Fitting a device will increase your chances of getting your car back if stolen from 20% to 90%

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